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aHow many people in your group or organization have not been affected by one of these topics: cancer, caregiving, or grief? Do you need encouragement, motivation and inspiration to get through the illness of a loved one? Cynthia and Jim believe the healed are called to help the hurting. That is why they speak to audiences across the nation, large and small, to help others triumph over adversity.

When Cynthia’s husband Jim was diagnosed with lung cancer, the very foundations of her world were shaken. Rather than giving in to despair, she decided their story needed to be told. Thus, an inspirational speaker was born.

Audiences of all ages can relate to the candid and often humorous presentations of her struggles and triumphs during the long and arduous journey of her husband’s nine year lung cancer battle. In her book and presentations she reveals the secrets to finding joy on a trip no one wants to take. A popular guest on talk shows and radio programs, she addresses such topics as:

  • Making Lemonade (How God can bring good from adverse situations)
  • Taking Care of the Caregiver (You are caring for your loved one, but who is caring for you?)
  • The View from the Passenger Seat (Coping emotionally with a loved one’s serious illness)
  • Living with the Giant (Learning to live a productive and joy-filled life with a sleeping ‘giant’ in the attic)
  • Chopping Down the Beanstalk (Overcoming fear and anxiety that arises in life with the “giant”)
  • Grandma Learns to Tap-dance (Finding purpose and fulfillment by stepping out in faith—at any age)
  • The Role of Nurses in Compassionate Critical Care


aCynthia and her husband Jim frequently speak together the on the following topics.

  • f.a.i.t.H—facing an illness through Him (Jim and Cynthia describe their nine year cancer journey from two perspectives--providing inspiration and encouragement for survivors and caregivers.)
  • You say Po-tA-to; I Say Po-tAH-to—A candid look at a marriage that survived—and thrived—despite differences and difficulties.
  • No Man is an Island (For medical professionals and students) A glimpse into the emotional needs of the patient and his family caregivers from both perspectives.


  • “[The Siegfrieds] showed us in a very real way how a marriage can not only survive, but thrive, with God at its center. They made me laugh and cry as they shared so candidly about the trials they have endured.”

    Kathy Martin

  • “The information, knowledge and personal experiences they shared were instrumental in educating our employees, their families and friends. A big thanks for helping FedEx in ‘Changing the Face of Cancer.’”

  • “Their story brings comfort and a peace, knowing that God is there for hope and healing, and will never leave us.”

    Ron Head, Rays of Hope

  • “His testimony and her book are both expressions of a love greater than any problem in our lives. Don’t miss this chance to be informed, entertained, and encouraged.”

    Chuck Morgan, Pastor—Briarwood Presbyterian Church

  • “Their story was engaging and inspiring. Our students, faculty and staff were impressed, and they are not easily impressed!”

    Matt Kerlin-Assistant Dean for Spiritual Life—Samford University

  • “Cynthia told us how competent and compassionate nurses helped her family survive a nine year cancer battle. We received much positive feedback from the students who were inspired and motivated by Cynthia's energy and passion for her topic.” Excellent speaker.”

    Lora Shelton, Assistant Professor Ida V Moffet School of Nursing



  • Samford University; Birmingham Alabama
  • Rays of Hope Cancer Support Group
  • YACS Young Adult Cancer Support; Rome, Georgia
  • FedEx Cancer Support Network
  • Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing--Samford University
  • Briarwood Presbyterian Church; Birmingham, Alabama
  • Reynolds Cancer House National Cancer Survivors Day; Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Whitehaven Book Club
  • Flying Colors Cancer Support Group; Blytheville, Arkansas
  • First Baptist Church; Collierville, Tennessee
  • Presbyterian Women
  • Stephen Ministries—Germantown, Tennessee
  • HUGS –Helping You Give Support; Peoria Illinois


For more information on speaking events

If you are interested in having Cynthia or Cynthia and Jim speak to your group, please contact Lynne Rooker 828 Marketing Communications 901-299-7862.


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Speaking Event - Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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