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a"Many people of faith have written about their personal cancer experience but very few caregivers have described their own struggle through this health minefield. Cyndi Siegfried writes with clarity and profundity as she unfolds her journey with doctors, her faith and the husband she loves, seeking the best healthcare possible while growing closer to her Lord on the way. This is a must read for caregivers starting down such a tortuous road with any serious illness"

Al Weir, M.D.
VP of Campus and Community Ministries of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations
author of When Your Doctor Has BadNews

a"Like millions of people around the world, I’ve watched close family members struggle with the terrible disease of cancer. Cynthia has written an inspirational book about her experience with the disease. The revelations she shares about her role as Jim’s caregiver will provide hope to anyone in the midst of an ordeal with cancer and someone they love."


—Jason Sehorn
Analyst for CBS College Sports network
Former defensive back for New York Giants and St. Louis Rams
Jason married Angie Harmon in 2001, following his proposal to her on
the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

a"For years Cynthia Siegfried has undertaken a task no one wants to acquire: caregiver for a loved one with cancer. Now, the lessons she's learned will ease your caregiving as she shares her practical pointers and God's precious promises. If you need encouragement, I encourage you to read this book."


—Lynn Eib
Cancer survivor, patient advocate
Author of the bestseller When God & Cancer Meet

"Finally a book that addresses the caregiver. After my two cancer battles, I look back and wonder how my dear sweet husband did it.  How did he hold up under the pressure of taking care of me as well as my three boys?  As a cancer survivor I know the support thrown our way was directed at me.  But I know he needed support through prayer and friendship too.  Talking about a crisis does help.  Putting a book in print to help the caregiver is a wonderful idea!"

—Brenda Ladun
cancer survivor
Birmingham newscaster
author of Getting Better, Not Bitter



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