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Title: Cancer Journey: A Caregiver's View From The Passenger Seat
Pages: 152
Price: $11.99
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When your spouse is diagnosed with cancer, you quickly realize that—even though it's not your body—it's your disease. With honesty, strength, and humor, Cynthia presents a first-hand account of the struggles and triumphs in a cancer battle—from the viewpoint of the caregiver.

Follow Cynthia as she travels through unfamiliar terrain and learns that God doesn't waste our suffering. He is our faithful Driver along life's roughest roads.
Cancer Journey offers hope, support, and spiritual guidance for those who provide care for the millions of Americans who are living with catastrophic illnesses.


"My husband just had his chest cut open, a couple of ribs broken and removed, and almost an entire lung excised. I received better instructions when taking home a puppy from the pet store than in taking home a cancer patient from the hospital. I didn't understand a thing about the disease except that it was a very bad one to have. I had the ominous feeling this might be our last Christmas together."

Cancer Journey: A Caregiver's View From the Passenger Seat

FORMAT  : Soft Cover, 5.5” x 8.5”
RETAIL     : $14.99
PAGES     : 152
Publisher: CZS Books
ISBN-13: 978-0615625836

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  • “I can't begin to tell you how much your story is helping me accept the death of our daughter. I know now that your book can help more people in different situation other than cancer. I'm going to buy some more.”

  • “I lost my husband to lung cancer six years ago. I am half way through your amazing book, reading it through tears and smiles. Thanks for such wonderful insight into the world of caregivers.”

  • “Words can't even express all the feelings that I felt when reading your book. Your book expresses your deep faith and helps me to draw closer to the Lord in my journey.”

  • “Cynthia, I received the book yesterday and I could not put it down! Had I not gotten a business call, I would have finished it in one sitting! LOVE IT, it's absolutely fabulous. So honest and raw but so very inspirational and filled with love and compassion.

  • “What a fabulous resource for "passengers" and "drivers" alike. Cynthia has done an incredible job of chronicling her journey and providing countless resources to assist others traveling the same highway! Her faith, her vulnerability, her sense of humor, and her wisdom have all contributed to a book that should be on every pastor's shelf and in every hospital library!”

  • "I started your book last night and I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open. When I got to chapter 5, “A Detour - Exploring My Faith,” I felt the Holy Spirit saying to me, „Get a copy of this book and send it to [my son.]‟ He believes in God but not Jesus. Looking forward to finishing the book. It truly glorifies God."

  • “Read the entire book while at the hospital...couldn't put it down!”

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