authorCynthia Siegfried is a grandmother turned author and speaker who is proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Her greatest assets are her tenacity, intensity, and tendency toward obsessive-compulsive behavior which generate high yields of productivity—but drive the people around her crazy. As a child she read, wrote poetry, and spent many hours mastering the hula hoop, the Twirly Whirler, and the pogo stick. She spent most of her adulthood over-seeing the activities of her three daughters—who turned out alright despite having the original Alpha Mom. Before becoming an author, she had other periods of obsession: an acting era, a swim coach era, a stage-mother era, and a tennis era.

She is enjoying her new profession as a writer but is consumed with churning out articles and books to make up for her late start. She has contributed articles to Nostalgia Magazine, Today’s Christian, Chicken Soup for the Soul, In Touch, Today's Caregiver, A New Heart, and Coping with Cancer.

Cyndi is grateful for the energy God has given her to pursue her passions—although some might argue, He overdid it. Now, that energy is channeled into taking care of her husband, Jim, and writing and speaking about her experiences as a caregiver. She and Jim are co-founders and facilitators of f.a.i.t.H., facing an illness through Him, a support group for families living with serious illnesses.

Cyndi and Jim live in Germantown, Tenn. They have three daughters and sons-in-law, seven grandchildren, and a very fat cat.

The Faces of f.a.i.t.H.

Accreditations and Memberships

CLASS - Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers Seminar
AACC - American Association of Christian Counselors
ACW - American Christian Writers
NFCA - National Family Caregivers Association



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